Discover our impactful projects that cover all aspects of cardiovascular health. From prevention programs to advanced therapies and minimally invasive surgeries, we are committed to improving cardiovascular healthcare outcomes.

Here are our short and long term projects :

INTIMA Cardiovascular Mission :

Providing Sustainable Patient Care in Africa

At INTIMA International LLC, we are committed to not only providing virtual cardiovascular services but also ensuring sustainable patient care in Africa. As part of our mission, we regularly send a team of highly skilled medical staff including cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons to our centers in Africa.

We understand the importance of hands-on care and the need for direct interaction with patients. That’s why our team travels to our centers in Africa to provide in-person consultations, diagnostics, and treatments.

Hands-on Training

In addition to patient care, our team also conducts hands-on training sessions for healthcare professionals in Africa. We believe in empowering local medical teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver quality cardiovascular care. Our training programs supplement the virtual experience provided through our virtual hub in the US, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

Crafting the future of cardiovascular care in Africa

By combining virtual services with in-person care and training, we strive to create a sustainable healthcare ecosystem in Africa. Our goal is to empower local healthcare professionals to provide quality and self-sustaining cardiovascular care long-term, even in the absence of our physical presence.

VOLUNTEER: Join us in our mission to bridge the gap in cardiovascular healthcare in Africa. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals in underserved regions.

INTIMA Virtual Hub (INTIMA V-Hub)

The INTIMA Virtual Hub is an innovative platform connecting healthcare professionals across continents for real-time collaboration and consultation, utilizing telemedicine and AI to extend our reach in providing expert cardiovascular care in Africa while also serving its local community here in the US.

At the heart of our business strategy is the development of a comprehensive cardiovascular virtual hub in Georgia, USA where INTIMA International was born. In addition to serving the local community in Georgia, this highly integrated virtual hub will primarily provide a range of virtual subspeciality services, including telemedicine consultations, remote interpretation of advanced cardiovascular studies, and advanced technical coaching/trainings for healthcare professionals all over Africa.

The rationale behind the virtual hub is to positively impact the critical shortage of advanced cardiovascular specialists in Africa. By leveraging technology, we aim to bring expert cardiovascular care to underserved regions, where access to specialized healthcare is limited. This virtual hub will serve as a centralized platform to connect patients and healthcare professionals, enabling timely and accurate diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing support.

A portion of the profit generated locally from providing subspeciality services in USA will be donated annually to INTIMA International or its nonprofit wing to help facilitate the bigger mission of INTIMA International on the global scale.

Our Services at the V-hub
1. Telemedicine Consultations

A portion of the profit generated locally from providing subspeciality services in the USA will be donated annually to INTIMA International or its nonprofit wing to help facilitate the bigger mission of INTIMA International on the global scale.

2. Remote Interpretation of Cardiovascular Studies

Utilizing our advanced virtual platform and seamless system integration, our team of experts based in the United States can remotely review and analyze cardiovascular studies with precision. This enables us to deliver prompt and precise reports, along with the latest recommendations, to healthcare professionals located across Africa, ensuring access to up-to-date information and guidance regardless of their geographical location.

3. Advanced procedural Trainings

Our organization provides comprehensive technical training and personalized coaching sessions to healthcare professionals throughout Africa. These educational programs are meticulously designed to empower participants with the essential skills, knowledge, and expertise required to deliver high-quality cardiovascular care to their patients. By investing in the professional development of healthcare providers across the continent, we aim to enhance the standard of care and positively impact the health outcomes of individuals in need.


INTIMA Cardiovascular Spokes: Ethiopia

This initiative focuses on establishing a network of local cardiovascular care spokes across Ethiopia, ensuring that remote and underserved communities have access to timely essential Cardiovascular services and education. A swift and modern transfer system and 24/7 access to expert advice will be the hallmark of INTIMA Hub-Spoke model.

INTIMA Cardiovascular Research, Training & Innovations

Committed to advancing cardiovascular care, this project encompasses a range of activities from groundbreaking research studies to comprehensive training programs for healthcare professionals, fostering innovation in treatment and prevention strategies.

Our Nonprofit Arm : Heart Attack Ethiopia, Inc.

Heart Attack Ethiopia, Inc. is the philanthropic extension of INTIMA International LLC, working to provide support and resources for cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment, emphasizing community outreach and patient education both in USA and the continent of Africa. Learn more by visiting

INTIMA Cardiovascular Campus/Hub: Bishoftu, Ethiopia

Envisioned as a center of excellence, the INTIMA Cardiovascular Campus aims to be a multifaceted facility combining clinical care, education, and research to drive forward the standards of cardiovascular health in Ethiopia and expand to other African nations. There will be a predictable and dynamic supportive interaction between the US based Hub with the aim of leveraging the US hub to save countless lives from cardiovascular emergencies in the continent of Africa.

INTIMA Cardiovascular Health Insurance: USA and Ethiopia

With a goal to make cardiovascular care more accessible, this project is developing health insurance solutions tailored to the needs of Africans, reducing the financial barriers to receiving timely and effective heart disease treatment. With our unique business structure and presence both in the USA and Africa, we aspire to protect both you the diaspora and your family members back home from unexpected cardiovascular emergencies like heart attacks and strokes. You no more have to scramble to find a reliable cardiovascular service in your home country and all you need to do is protect yourself as well as your loved ones by subscribing to our low premium comprehensive cardiovascular insurance.

INTIMA Medical tourism and Entertainment (INTIMA Lodge) Bishoftu, Ethiopia

The INTIMA Lodge represents our commitment to integrating healthcare with hospitality, creating a space where patients and their families can experience healing and relaxation, while also promoting medical tourism in Ethiopia.

In line with our commitment to revolutionizing cardiovascular care in Ethiopia, INTIMA International LLC introduces the INTIMA Lodge, a pioneering concept that combines healthcare with hospitality to elevate the medical tourism experience. The INTIMA Lodge serves as a premier destination for patients seeking cardiovascular treatments, offering world-class medical services in a luxurious and serene environment.

Medical tourism plays a vital role in enhancing the financial health of Ethiopia by attracting international patients and promoting economic growth. By positioning Ethiopia as a hub for high-quality and affordable healthcare services, we aim to generate revenue that contributes to the country’s overall economic development. This influx of medical tourists not only boosts the healthcare sector but also stimulates growth in related industries such as hospitality, transportation, and tourism.

Furthermore, medical tourism can help reduce the outflow of healthcare dollars as Ethiopian patients seeking specialized treatments abroad can now access comparable services within their own country. By retaining healthcare expenditures domestically, Ethiopia can strengthen its healthcare infrastructure, invest in medical research and innovation, and create sustainable employment opportunities in the healthcare sector. 

The INTIMA Lodge embodies our vision of transforming healthcare delivery while driving economic prosperity for Ethiopia. Through strategic partnerships, cutting-edge medical facilities, and personalized patient care, we are paving the way for a new era of medical tourism that benefits both patients and the nation as a whole.

Our Impact:

By focusing on heart attack and stroke prevention and management, we aim to reduce mortality rates and improve the overall cardiovascular health of individuals in Ethiopia and Africa. Through our comprehensive virtual hub, we are bridging the gap in specialized cardiovascular care, ensuring that patients receive the attention they deserve, regardless of their location and financial background.

Heart Attack Ethiopia Inc.

Heart Attack Ethiopia Inc is the nonprofit arm of INTIMA International dedicated to providing a mission based cardiovascular care in Ethiopia while also raising funds to support the construction of INTIMA Cardiovascular Center of Excellence. Heart Attack Ethiopia received a generous grant of 900 hours of dedicated company time from one of the top architectural companies (Citizen HKS) to develop concept, design and render INTIMA Cardiovascular Campus (Project Cardio Concept Africa). Please visit for details about our nonprofit wing and its recent activities.

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